Wednesday, September 9, 2009

you talking to me ?

During my vacation, I spent a few days back in my hometown, Rouen. A lot of my old skate buddies are still living there, one of them being the one and only Charly Simon. Charly was getting quite a lot of coverage a few years ago, when he was living at the Antiz house in Lyon. If you never heard of Charly, you will find it pretty weird that this guy was hanging out with a bunch of punks or with the most sectarian of all, Nicolas Levet. But the thing is Charly is the most open minded, positive and friendly person I know, so you can't have anything but love for this guy. Unfortunately, knee injuries and the need to make a living took him away from the spotlights of skateboarding media. Today, Charly has moved back to Rouen and spends most of his time driving a taxi, but as soon as he's done with his cab duty, you can find him cruising at the skatepark or our main spot "Hotel de Ville", or even surfing the cold waves of the Normandy cost with his brother.
If you ever hail a cab and get picked up by this guy, it will either be the best or the worst ride of your life, depending on your music taste... HD bitches !

Charly's part in Toast 2 Toast.


fredd said...

Ouèch Paulo ! Two excellent posts in a row. Both were well worth the wait ! Thanks my whigga.

Putain Charly ! On va s'aimer...

marredevivre said...

putain charly ces cool tu tes enfin mis a ecouter le bon son de la rue
sa ces autre chose que d'ecouter assassin "esclave 2000" dans un entrepot avec plein de vetement haut de gamme a expedié